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White Kids' bathrobe

White Kids' bathrobe
White Kids' bathrobe

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White pure cotton kid's bathrobe made of 100% microcotton comfortable to wear at home, bathroom, bedroom, at the swimming pool and SPA center, at the beach and in leisure time. The material is pure terrycloth cotton toweling, ensuring the ultimate comfort & absorbency, high abrasion-resistant, practically lifelong lasting.

The bathrobe is recommended to be washed separately. Washing with other types of clothes, eg: clothing with buttons or zippers, can considerably raise the risk of damaging.

The towel fabric is made of 100% Microcotton. It is highly hygroscopic, that is why washing requires more water. Washing temperature is 60°C. For white bathrobes, use detergent for washing white fabrics! After washing, rinse the bathrobe very well several times.

When spinning it is recommended to set the speed from 400 rpm to max 600 rpm. Drying is done on the reverse (inner) side, after shaking in an open and ventilated place. Drying in direct sunlight is not recommended. To keep your bathrobes soft and fluffy, run them through the tumble dryer. Keep the heat low, to stop shrinkage from being a problem. Either add dryer balls or, if you don't have them, throw a couple of tennis balls into the dryer with your towels or robes. This is a great way of keeping that delicious cosy fluffy texture wash after wash! Never dry clean these products, as it can ruin the texture irreversibly.

Ironing is not recommended.

Composition: 100% cotton
Density: 400 gsm
Colour: Monocolor, White
Suitable for: Kids, Baby

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